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Giving F.O.R.W.A.R.D on Giving Tuesday




As we prepare to celebrate 30 years of improving the health of California's 1.2 million Black women and girls, it is crucial to acknowledge that disparities in funding for Black women-led organizations, including CABWHP, remain a significant challenge. Inequities in philanthropic giving and private and public support leave organizations like ours in a constant state of addressing significantly greater needs and requests for services with fewer resources to support those needs and requests. We are required to do considerably more with less.


With the support of The Giving F.O.R.W.A.R.D. Collective, we can continue to uplift the health and wellness of Black women, girls, families and communities.


Our fundraising goal for this year’s season of giving is for members of our community to impact CABWHP’s legacy and future by joining The Giving F.O.R.W.A.R.D. Collective. Together, we aim to raise $30,000 over the coming year through monthly donations and corporate matching gifts. 

Please consider making a recurring donation and joining the exclusive Giving F.O.R.W.A.R.D Collective TODAY!



What are the benefits of being a part of the Giving F.O.R.W.A.R.D Collective?

Being a member of the Giving F.O.R.W.A.R.D Collective allows you to be an integral part of CABWHP’s legacy. Members will receive first access to special events, special ticket prices, and experiences, as well as promotional opportunities, leadership opportunities and so much more.

Who can be a part of the Giving F.O.R.W.A.R.D Collective?

Donors who make a recurring gift will be considered members of the Giving F.O.R.W.A.R.D Collective.

What is recurring giving?

Recurring giving is when a donor chooses to make regular, consistent donations to our nonprofit.

Why is recurring giving important?

Recurring giving allows our organization to plan for, and reach, our long-term fundraising goals, making us more sustainable and putting us in a position to receive even more funding down the line. Your consistent commitment to supporting our organizations proves that the community is invested in the health and wellness of Black women and girls, and other funders should be too.

What if I can't make the exact recurring amount?

If you cannot make the full recurring amount (for example, you can make a $20/month donation as opposed to $30/month) you will be entered into the giveaway tier closest to your donation amount and frequency.

What if I can only make a one-time donation right now?

No problem! We are appreciative of whatever you can give! One-time donors will be entered into a special giveaway with one winner.

What is a corporate matching gift and how do I get one?

Corporate matching gifts are a type of donation where companies financially match donations that their employees make to nonprofit organizations. When you make a donation, you can submit a request for a matching gift from your employer.

Can’t make a recurring donation right now? We get it! Please consider making any donation you can today to contribute to a healthier future for Black women and girls tomorrow.

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